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Montreal International Interior Design Show (SIDIM)

May 26 - 28, 2011


The 2011 Montreal International Interior Design Show (SIDIM)


Are you looking for inspiration? For stylish furniture, bathroom and kitchen devices? For the latest trends, innovations, technologies and materials? For constructive exchanges  between colleagues, distributors, international traders and clients? For fun at work? Then SIDIM is the answer to your professional aspirations!

Between the special selection of thematic spaces and impressive display of exhibitors from all fields of design, none of your needs or dreams shall remain unsatisfied. SIDIM is THE happening of design, THE Rendez-vous not to be missed by the professionals of design!


Do you love “Boutique hotels” and trendy restaurants and are dreaming of applying similar interior design concepts to your own projects but think this is way beyond your budget? Then think again! Come to SIDIM and see how affordable some key design pieces can be and how they can make all the difference in your home, office or commercial environment.

Are you looking for a unique design condo, loft, office tour or commerce? Or maybe a lighting arrangement that will bring magic to your atmosphere?  Or some dream kitchen and bathroom outlets to turn daily choirs and routines into cool, exciting activities? Or some exclusive piece of decoration to give your decor that extra twist?

Don't be shy, join us at Montreal's design happening: SIDIM! You'll come out of it transformed! Don't miss it!