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Designers Haus Inc. is the source of innovative European interior and exterior design solutions for walls, floors and ceilings as well as staircase rejuvenation.

Designers Haus Inc. is pleased to introduce to Canada: 

Versatile, paper thin, durable, light weight slate sheets in a variety of colors and sizes, engineered for interior and exterior applications

Wall Moss
Eco-friendly way to liven up any space, perfect for areas lacking direct sunlight, from offices to home sanctuaries, or basements

Made by Alphenberg, luxurious 100% natural buffalo leather. All skins are of the highest quality, finished by hand to accentuate their natural characteristics. Ideal for upholstery, walls and floors

Sound Wall
New patented blue tooth technology, lets your cell phones turn almost any surface into a sound system. Enjoy sounds of the future, no speakers or unsightly wires

Fumed Oak
Deep fumed wood provides unique look, style and durability. It successfully competes with dark exotic woods currently available to the market. It is also available in pressurized version that creates higher density product


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