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Great Mountain Soapstone

Soapstone is becoming the “newest” trend in countertops. It is gaining in popularity with architects, interior and kitchen designers alike, as they are drawn to soapstone’s soft feel and matte finish.   It is becoming a highly coveted material and is both a much needed and excellent alternative to quartz and granite.

Soapstone’s talc content makes it smooth and waxy to the touch, also making it very water resistant as well as being absolutely stain resistant. Another huge benefit to using soapstone is that it is heat resistant, which allows you to safely put a hot pot directly on the surface with no fear of damage. Soapstone can also be used to make sinks.  They can be made to any size or configuration leaving its design limitations to only ones imagination. 

Great Mountain Soapstone currently stock 9 colors ranging from grey/black, green/black, grey, charcoal, black to dark green. The slab sizes are similar to those of granite, but can vary in size, depending on the colour, and are worth the time to check out in person. 


Contact: Wally Norton
Phone: 416-524-3530