Suite #209

In2Walls Inc. (Suite #209, Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm)

In2walls is a surface design company that specializes in enlivening residential and retail spaces through the custom finishing’s of floors, walls and built-in storage spaces. They are also one of the first companies in the Toronto area to offer metallic resin floor coatings, transforming traditional surfaces into abstract works of art through the marbling of colour and gloss.

The unique look of metallic resin has proved so popular that business partners Mike Sampaio and Remi Fanelli have expanded their portfolio of work to include custom finishing’s for desktops, tabletops and shelving units. Decorative art pieces and murals that showcase the unique colour-shifting and pearling properties of metallic resin are also available through the In2Walls team.

For clients inclined toward more classic, modern or contemporary motifs, In2Walls has a long history of providing authentic finishes that complement the look and feel of any space.


Contact: Mike Sampaio
Phone: 416-879-1236
Fax: 905-678-4405